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Student Feedback



“Ms. Gundermann helped me to improve my essays by giving me critical feedback and allowing my writing to gradually improve. I started out not knowing what direction I wanted to take my Common App essay in, and she helped me discover how to write about topics that were important to me. Our virtual discussions spanned from advice on stylistic choices to the overarching themes of my piece. Additionally, she always responded quickly and tried her best to fit me into her busy schedule. I would recommend Ms. Gundermann to anyone going through the college application process!”



“Renate was incredibly helpful throughout my essay-writing process. In the early stages writing my Common App essay, I had a couple of ideas of what I wanted to write about, but Renate still had me think about other possible topics. When we first met, we talked for an hour about my life and who I am so she could truly get to know me and help me present myself in the best way possible. Renate helped me put my life story on paper, combining many of my original ideas while still allowing the essay to flow smoothly. Even when she was on a trip to the Galapagos with limited access to the internet, and many other students to assist, Renate continued to stay in contact and even spent more time looking over my essay than I did. I strongly recommend Renate to anyone going through the college application process.


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“I am so glad that I was able to have Ms. Gundermann by my side through the college process. She was extremely accessible and willing to help out with anything I asked her. When I sent her my essays or supplements to proofread she was always prompt and willing to add additional suggestions. I felt that with Ms. Gundermann I was producing the best content I possibly could for college admissions and really do not know where I would be without her. I would recommend Ms. Gundermann to anyone going through the college process.”



“Ms. Gundermann provided a warm, thoughtful, and creative perspective that aided me in my essay-writing process. While giving me the space to find my own voice and writing topics, she encouraged me to think deeply about my writing. I was able to turn a more analytical eye on my essays and ask questions like: What purpose does this word serve? How do these paragraphs flow with the rest of the essay? I highly recommend Ms. Gundermann to anyone who is looking to write well-constructed and original college essays. Thank you!”    


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“I could not have gone through the college process without Renate. When we initially met, I knew she would be a great help with my essay and supplementals. I was unaware of just how significant that help would be. She would gladly go over any of my essay drafts or supplements, continuing to review them until they were done — with a speedy turnaround. Additionally, she was happy to go word by word with me over the phone to ensure my supplements reached a point I was happy with, whether it took twenty minutes or over an hour. She worked with my busy schedule and was willing to even be on a call at 11:45 at night to ensure I felt happy with my application. She understood what I wanted to discuss in my supplements and helped me find my voice. Above all, Renate took a personal approach and genuinely wanted to ensure I received the best results possible.”    


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“Throughout the entire process, from the early stages of my application to its submission, Ms. Gundermann was extremely accessible and comprehensive, constantly finding the time to give detailed feedback on my essays. She always encouraged me to be my authentic self and helped me bring my childhood passion for refereeing soccer games to life in my essays. I can definitively say that I would not be where I am today without her and wholeheartedly recommend her.”    



“Having Ms. Gundermann's help throughout my college application process was truly a blessing. Writing has never been my strongest skill academically. I often find it difficult to articulate my thoughts and transfer them to a paper, and Ms. Gundermann helped me with this. She gave me tips on how to formulate certain essay types, assisted me in brainstorming topics to write about, and always gave me detailed notes on my essays in a timely fashion. Ms. Gundermann is extremely reliable, and I will always be grateful for her flexibility as my extracurricular schedule often meant I could only meet with her at night. I couldn't imagine going through the application process without Ms. Gundermann, and I will always be grateful for the assistance and guidance she offered me.”


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“Ms. Gundermann was extremely helpful throughout the writing process. As someone who is always a little resistant to feedback on my writing, it was crucial to have an outside perspective. She was quick to return drafts with plenty of comments that pushed me not to change the message behind the essay but to help reshape it in order to better convey that message. Ms. Gundermann was also always available to talk on the phone. This was especially helpful whenever I felt shaky on a particular piece of the essay and wanted to talk it through. She was very easy to work with and provided helpful constructive feedback. With her insight, I was able to produce an essay that felt very authentic to me that I am proud of, and Rennie Gundermann broke the daunting process into bite-sized manageable pieces. For that, I can’t thank her enough.”



“Ms. Gunderman helped me so much all throughout the college process. She really helped me discover a lot about my identity and how I can put it onto paper and make an effective college essay. Ms. Gunderman helped me bring out the best in myself and how I can show that to colleges. She is the perfect person to help you nail your college resume and essays.”


Parent Feedback


I cannot recommend Renate highly enough. She is extremely relatable and brought out the best in our son.The time spent with Renate was so much more than essay writing. It was about building confidence in himself and his story and who he is and what he wants out of college. This helped him with his written communication but also how he presented himself at colleges he visited.


Renate breaks the process down into manageable parts; first, she gets to know you, then she asks you to list your activities and think about the ones that are important to you, creating your resume, and then moving along to being thoughtful about topics for your essay. Renate's organization and feedback created a time and place to reflect and produce. Pacing yourself takes a lot of stress out of the college application process.


In the end, its was really like taking a course in leadership and communication, and we think it gave our son skills he will continue to use in college and in the future when he looks for a job.


We are enormously grateful and will be calling Renate again!”


“I wish I had a writing expert like Renate to help me with this testimonial, because my words will never convey what an outstanding educator, person, coach and motivator she is! You have just struck gold — believe me. Renate successfully assisted two of my sons (who are very different stylistically) from beginning to end.  She has extraordinary intelligence coupled with the perfect combination of patience, willingness, optimism, and encouragement.  She truly sees the strengths and goodness in each student and brings it out in such beautiful ways. Her calm and supportive demeanor during what has now become such a stressful and intense time for all high school students was a gift.  She meets each student where they are and is willing to work with them when their schedule allows (or when panic sets in!).  And the end results? Let’s just say we learned things about our boys we never knew; they are fantastic writers and deep thinkers.  Thank you Renate for everything, we are deeply grateful — and please hold space in your future calendar for both of our girls!!”


“Renate considered all parts of [my son’s] application (personal background, activities, interests, and awards) when helping him choose his best essay topic. I was impressed with her gentle and encouraging nature during the polishing process as they sent drafts back and forth. The finished product was amazing and conveyed exactly what my student wanted to write. Admissions counselors commented about how impactful my son’s essays were, and he was offered admission to every college he applied.”


“Renate was quick to get back to us with her edits, usually within hours, especially when a deadline was approaching. She was able to preserve my son’s voice and tone in his writings, while making sure his main essay, supplements, and activity list had consistency and flow. The result of the final essay took my breath away, it was beautiful and powerful. I owe much of my son’s college success to Renate! She’s passionate, positive, and enthusiastic in her approach, loves what she does, and is fantastic at it!”


“The best advice I can give anyone with children getting ready to apply for college is: Hire Renate! Renate helped my daughter and son with their college essays and both of them got into a top choice school. She was the one they relied on from their initial brainstorming about topics to the polishing of final submissions. Not only was she amazing at tackling the essay process, she also helped them stay focused and upbeat throughout a stressful process. There is no better person than Renate to help you and your child master the college essay application.”


“I could not have asked for more. Working one-on-one with my son, Renate was able to focus and define the content and structure of

his essays. The final product was one that captured my son’s own voice at its best, and most certainly was a critical part in his

acceptance at all colleges he applied to. I highly recommend Renate to anyone wanting the best in essay development and editing.”



“I can think of few people better suited for providing college essay consulting than Rennie. As her supervisor for eight years at Hanover High, where she guided our department in restructuring our senior writing class to focus more on college essays and supplements, I saw her foster her students’ expression and growth. Through her careful guidance Rennie stimulated their curiosity and creativity and helped them craft and hone essays that explored their values and articulated meaningful reflection. She made the college writing process a rich experience for them. Perhaps her most valuable attribute, however, was her calm, productive, and caring approach, which always made them feel supported in the daunting college application process and nurtured them to achieve their potential. I am confident Rennie can help any student successfully produce their best work.”

HAL BOURNE, English Department Coordinator, Hanover High School, Hanover, NH

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